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BFA Portfolio

Personal Branding

Brand Identity

This mark represents a small part of my personality and my design style. The warm, earthy tones paired with organic lines and shapes are resemblant to nature and symbolize my passions and personal design style. I value typography and letter forms, so it was important to me to explore this in the development of my personal identity.

BFA Portfolio

Trip in a Dip

Product Packaging

These international dips, or "Trip in a Dip," presents three authentic and flavorful dips made with native ingredients from various countries. This fictional brand promotes cultural awareness, authenticity, and commitment to making each dip a unique international experience for consumers.  The visual influences are derived from cultural aspects of India, Mexico, and Italy.

Courageous Cosmetics

Branding / Cosmetic Packaging

Courageous Cosmetics is a brand dedicated to the health and wellness of female cancer warriors. The "Resilience" body lotions are an extension of this brand, developed to soothe, hydrate, and heal skin affected by cancer treatment. The visual aesthetic is bright and colorful, incorporating colors that are uplifting while also signifying various types of cancer awareness: purple includes all cancers, blue is ovarian, and pink is breast cancer. Click here to view the full brand guide.

Second Chance Society


Second Chance Society is a nonprofit organization based in Savannah, Georgia that rescues, rehabilitates, and trains shelter dogs to become service animals. 

Beneath the Parks

Poster Design / Digital Illustration

The concept for this poster series was inspired by my passion for National Park preservation and personal experiences visiting them. Many artistic depictions of the parks portray the natural beauty that you can see from the outside. I thought it would be visually and conceptually interesting to instead, research and explore the significance of what is beneath the parks, or what we cannot see.

beneath the parks.jpg

RollGraphy Wallpaper Co.

Branding / Promotional Packaging

Rollgraphy is a fictional, family–owned wallpaper company based in Baltimore, Maryland. This company designs and sells customizable wallpaper to clients both locally and online. The Rollgraphy wordmark incorporates shape and color contrast to promote the brand's product simply and effectively. Pattern and color are used to resemble wallpaper patterns and textures.

Health Camp

Web Design

Health Camp is a historic Waco restaurant that has been serving the community for many years. It is well known among locals but could need improvement in its online presence and user accessibility. This design is a Figma redesign of what an improved website layout could look like.

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